Attention Rondeau Bay Anglers and Hunters VERY IMPORTANT!

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Attention Rondeau Bay Anglers and Hunters VERY IMPORTANT!

Post by Aroc11 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:25 pm

I got a notice in the mail and I thought I would see who else got one, as well as provide the details for those who haven’t.

It was pretty vague in the details, but apparently there is a group (or several groups) who are taking an active interest in the Phosphorus levels in the bay. There is an information forum being held at the Glad Tidings Church beside the Blenheim Golf Course next Thursday March 24th at 7PM - 9PM.

I personally am not sure what to make of this. From the card it appears they are blaming VERY FEW water front residents of the bay for the high (and potentially harmful) levels of Phosphorus in the bay that is attributing to the intense weed growth and algae blooms. Never mind all the farm run off of manure and fertilizers.

I am curious to see what this is about and who is behind it. Because by the sounds of it they are put the sheep’s wool over our eyes by suggesting “solutions” like using phosphorus free lawn fertilizers etc. And I have a feeling this is to butter everyone up for what they are really planning. I just have this sick feeling in my gut that were going to wake up one day in the near future and the bay will be right back where it was some 20 odd years ago when everything was wiped out.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who cares about the bay attend this information forum. Get informed. Ask questions. Do what needs to be done to ensure that EVERYONE’S interests are taken into account, not just the lobbyist groups trying to mandate a weed free bay again. Make sure that OUR voices are heard!

Once again here is the date and time:

Thursday March 24th
7PM - 9PM
Glad Tidings Church (Beside the Golf Course)
403 Chatham Street S.

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