Great Horned Owls courting...listen!!!!

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Great Horned Owls courting...listen!!!!

Post by shrewsburynature » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:02 pm

Great Horned owls began courting songs, first I heard this year in Shrewsbury, on Feb. 14.. very appropriate. Listen late evening to deep who, who...who..whoooo. of the male followed by softer, deeper shorter notes of female. Approx. 9pm to 11pm. You can get male to answer your imitation of his simple song, and sometimes get a serious "Flyby"!!!!

Northern Harrier stealing birds and rabbits all winter!
Hairy woodpecker and Red-bellied stayed all winter at our feeder.
Carolina Wren pair, made it through the whole winter as well. Song sounds a lot like Cardinal only faster and louder.

Mature bald eagle circled Shrewsbury on family day, while we were all out playing on the ice. Mid afternoon.
great horned owl007.jpg
taken at Hawk Fest in Harrow a few years back
hawk tracks.jpg
Tracks left by Northern Harrier snatching dove.
northern harrier 4x6 edited.jpg
Female northern Harrier in our back yard!

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