Alarming Info

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Alarming Info

Post by huntnmachine » Tue May 15, 2012 7:15 pm ... cosystems/

Articles like this are alarming but let me share some prospective...........I think :?:

I lived on Rondeau Bay for some 20 years and in that time hunted and fished her every chance I could, I also had the privilege to have a few round table discussions with some of our more seasoned outdoorsmen to get there prospectives on the water levels and bay ice conditions from years past and to my surprise it follows a familiar pattern according to them.

One seasoned viet quoted me "that one summer in the 50's we could throw a stone from shore and not hit water" that is how much the water had receded in the bay. In my term I personally witnessed low water levels but nothing like that.

I recall a few iffy ice fishing years but also remember lots of "pre auger years" peeling clothes off to finally find water with a spud in my hands

On another note there is tonnes of evidence that can prove global warming is here and has been for years :( :evil:


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