Weekend Pick-Up Hockey League in Blenheim

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Weekend Pick-Up Hockey League in Blenheim

Post by Aroc11 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:56 am

Hey everyone,

A few of us have been talking about putting together a Friday Saturday or Sunday night Pick-Up Hockey league this winter. Just wanted to get an idea for #'s of who might be interested. Here’s a few details of what we're thinking:

- Must be 18+ to play
- No contact
- Fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated
- Min 20 & Max 30 skaters
- Goalies play for free (max 4 per night)
- All penalties will be a penalty shot

- $150 Deposit for first 10 games
- $20 / Night thereafter (or if you want to cherry pick what nights you want to go)
- Registration Deadline will be October
- We want to get no less than 14 players committed and paid before we book the ice.
- We’d like to run 15-20 nights between Oct/Nov and March/April
- Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights between 11:00 PM & 12:30 AM (or 1am depending how cool the arena guy is)
- Cash only, but a receipt will be provided

We already have about 10 guys who are 100% ready to play so we are well on our way. We’re looking for moderately skilled players who play a clean game that just want to come out and have some fun. Anyone who is showboating or being a goon will be asked to leave. Please contact me if interested.

[email protected]

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