How to file a complaint about noisy wind turbines

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How to file a complaint about noisy wind turbines

Post by nobirdchoppers » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:23 pm

If you can hear a wind turbine it is likely over the MOE - Ministry of Environment limit. The limit is 40 dBA - decibels in light winds going up to 51 dBA in stronger winds. Yes the government and windies told you it was always 40 but that is not truthful.

Virtually all wind turbines in Ontario are running above this limit. The MOE does not do anything about it. Because the MOE is receiving instructions from higher up in the provincial government not to act.

If you sit back, or maybe a better expression is bend over, and take it nothing will ever change.

Follow all of the instructions below and do not stop until the turbines are permanently shut down. Don't take no for an answer. Continue to send these complaints in. If it is too much to do it everyday. Put in a weekly complaint.
1) call the spills - MOE number 1-866-663-8477
2) write a complaint letter to the wind company
3) write to your MPP, and MP
more details go here:

Now the MOE or wind company may wish to send someone out to 'have a listen' (or tell you, you are the only one complaining and just being silly). That is perfectly fine as long as the person coming out to 'have a listen' has a letter from a certified audiologist stating that the person is able to distinguish between 40 dBA and 39 dBA as it pertains to wind turbine noise.

To find out the short term and long term effects of wind turbines that were built too close to homes go here:
"April 16, 2013 (San Diego’s East County) – A toddler living near the Kumeyaay Wind facility in Campo has had a tumor the size of a potato chip bag removed from her abdomen, Boulevard Planning Group Chair revealed last night at an Activist San Diego event on energy issues last night.

Other people living near wind turbines and an electric substation in the vicinity have developed brain, stomach and kidney cancers—symptoms linked to exposure to electricity and stray voltage, as ECM has reported."

I will also add; nobody is going to take care of you in this situation. Nobody can do this for you. You have to take it upon yourself to act.

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