Let's Talk Erieau History
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SILVERTOWN, at Simi Valley, California (no longer exists) thought you would like to
hear about my times there?

I've rode my hoss on these dusty Silvertown streets
An walked her ol' wood sidewalks in the cold n' heat
I've chaw'd tubaccee while sittin on the ol' hichin rail
An drunk a lot in her ol' saloon and seen inside of her jail
I've seen the town Marshall Ray "Crash" Corrigan shoot
An they ain't none escaped when they stole the bank's loot

I've broke some mules at the O.K. corral
An watch'd the stage unload at Sutter's hotel
I bin to her church thet wunc't once wuz a school
An set by the blacksmith shop an saw some bloody gun duels
I've seen the ol' town all lit up by the moon,
An lern't a lot about cards from Max "Alibi" Terhune

I've stood up there on hangin tree hill,
An saw em' swing a lotta actors like "a thousand face Bill"
I've seen a lotta shootin 'up' n' down this main street
An hole bunch of fellas git carried off by thur feet
I've seen a lotta things come to thur end,
An I reckin rite soon I'll be sayin goodbye to this friend
I've loved ferever, this old frontier town
An she'll live on in my thoughts when Corriganville's gone.

(C) H.J. Dean

(Corriganville included most any western movie star you can name)

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