FROM THE 1990 Manuscript/book "CROSSTRAILS"

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FROM THE 1990 Manuscript/book "CROSSTRAILS"

Post by H.J. Dean » Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:08 am

No honest political Conservative believed that we were trying to do more than call the Liberal establishment communists
sympathizers in order to replace them. But we were unknowingly being used to help install the system that is
surreptitiously wielding every power of the US.Government to force the extension of a purely materialistic-religious
empire that is intent on redesigning the entire world into it's own "communal image". An effort to include brute force
and isolation of resistant individuals and entire nations.

The long twilight struggle against the elected government was for world power. That power lay within an almost
impotent United Nations Organisation. Control and direction of that body would be realized by the subversives upon
first neutralizing, then seizing the government by the shock force of President Kennedy's assassination.

This planned "New Americanist scheme" with it's framework so cunningly in place for more than a half century, moved
quickly to consolidate and hold perpetual power over a bewildered government and confused nation.

Their guilty leadership, by stealth, with bloodstained hands, reached out and picked the overripe fruit of all Constitutional
government power and control. Wherein all other whites, colors and nations are now and forever "second place subordinates"
in all present and future schemes. These are to serve the arrogant LDS/JBS plan for a world wide, totally materialistic Church-State for the eternal comfort of this caucasic beast and it's political image.

These and their supporters,who wield this stolen power, expect to continue for hundreds of years in control of this system
presently titled Republican and in the future by any other name, i e. Democrat.

(excerpts from 1990 manuscript/book "CROSSTRAILS" by H.J. Dean

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