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To add your local info or make a change, email ([email protected]) or let us know at the store:

Bayside Camp
820 Ross Lane
Boat Launch, Trailer Park and Cabins
(519) 676-5878

Erieau Harbour Authority
1560 Kerr Ave

Commercial Marina
[email protected]

Erieau Marina
1515 Vidler Ave
Boat Launch and Marina
(519) 676-4511

Erieau Motel & Marina
840 Ross Lane
Boat Launch, Motel & Trailer Park
(519) 676-2101

1270 Kerr Ave
Seasonal Passes Available
Boat Launch & Trailer Park
(519) 676-5851, (519) 676-0977

South Side Landing Marina and RV Park
Robert Rd
Seasonal Passes Available
Boat Launch and RV Park
(519) 676-2136

[email protected]