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My brother and I are married with five girls between us; drama is a daily event.  We find solice in fishing and this forum and others.  Relevant reports and information are what is important to us and this board.  If you are looking to spark some drama, please log in elsewhere.  Everyone is welcome here.  Our site is, and will remain, free to peruse anonomously;  if you have a report, keep this board alive by logging in and posting.

Relevant information posted on this site will be obtained from many sources; if it's on the net, it's fair game.  Fishing reports, posted by us, will be first hand or first hand accounts from our friends.  Discourteous and\or warmongering posts will be edited or deleted at our discretion; with a follow up email explaining the edit or deletion. 

We appreciate all those actively posting fishing reports and imparting your knowledge of Rondeau Bay, Erieau and Lake Erie area, helping make this site an invaluable tool for all fisherpersons interested in our little piece of heaven.